Visual design, UX, strategy and content for clients large and small:
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I develop UX content, product design, visual and UX design, marketing creative, custom photography and illustration, conduct research, and help with strategy.

I work in roles generally with teams building apps, games, brands, websites, marketing campaigns and content.

In addition I help those businesses and organizations develop better marketing content libraries.‍

It's always my focus to improve the interactions people have with companies and experiences of all kinds.

I've worked mostly in startups and SMBs, but also in large corporations on a mix of consumer-facing and B2B products, in games and entertainment, clean energy, education, business and productivity tech.

When creating content, I advocate for customer and business goals together, using "why, for who" and resulting solutions and product principals as a guide.

Visual Design - Live Nation

Digital Promotions Design for Live Nation Partnerships

Major Brands such as Coke, Mabelline, Dunkin', Bacardi, Forever 21

Digital concert, festival and brand promotions are part of Live Nation's partnership strategy. I provide visual design for landing pages and social, showcasing these partnerships between Live Nation, venues and brands.

Visual, Product and UX Design - CloudRunner

CloudRunner is a B2B, cloud-based SaaS app for Accounting and HR groups, gathering industry specific tools in one place, featuring single sign in and permissions management for multiple users.

As part of a small team we worked on research, flows, feature design, UX and UI design, prototyping, buyer journeys and mapping, the product website, How to and Getting Started content, copy, creative for advertising, marketing, and anything needed for this startup which was acquired by a cloud hosting company.

Visual Art - Landscape Paintings

I create landscape paintings and in particular, I am drawn to the colors and light in Washington, British Columbia and Hawaii.

Visual, product and UX design for TankZen

TankZen is an Internet of Things project connecting aquarium tank sensors with a mobile app, to monitor tank health and save fish, increasing owner satisfaction. Visual and product design, UX and UI design

Visual design and animation for Microsoft

Visual design and animation, for multiple projects and groups at Microsoft

Visual, Product and UX Design for Games

Visual, product and UX design for games along with their their advertising, marketing, white-labeling for companies like Yahoo and MSNGames.

Visual, Product and UX Design - BooksILove

BooksILove was an iPhone app created to share book recommendations with friends and followers, publicly or privately.

What leaders say about working with me

Marina was a direct report while working at CloudRunner. The product was brand new and required an immense amount of thought leadership in terms of usability, design approach and look/feel. She was instrumental in our successful product launch which led later to an acquisition. I would love to work with her again.

CloudRunner Icon

John Swidersky

SVP Product/ CloudRunner

Marina has been an invaluable member of our team on several projects ranging from presentation and design to copy writing.  Her creative and artistic abilities are fantastic and have greatly improved our marketing and presentation materials.

Terra Dynamics Logo Gry

Jon Kirk

CEO / Terra Dynamics

Marina updated and gamified our original app vision with high quality solutions that were smart and beautiful in every detail. She thinks about the user experience and recommends options that work for users and the business. Marina is an absolute pleasure to work with – creative, intelligent and incredibly productive.

BooksILove Logo

Elizabeth Dimarco

Co-Founder / BooksILove

I have been working with Marina for about three years now. She has been elemental in Mad Meow's growth. She branded my music across social media channels, developed media content, helped me with writing and has supported me in finding my voice and creating an online identity true to who I am. I don't know what Mad Meow Music would do without her.

DEJHA logo

Dejha Colantuano

Founder / Mad Meow Music

Marina has helped us create our social media and publishing voice.  She taught us how to communicate with advertising and marketing teams to consistently produce content that is recognizable to our brand. Our social media platform was non existent. Marina built a deck of ads for us to pull from. With the deck of ads we can quickly choose a content piece, contact Marina and have it current within minutes. 

Core Centric Training logo

Sandi Silagi

Owner / Core Centric Training

A bit more...

"The role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests."
—Charles Eames

I'm always asking...

The 7 Tenet of UX
  • listening icon

    My #1 super power is listening . My genuine interest and empathic nature allow others to share their authentic selves, and me to advocate for both business and UX.

  • writing icon

    I enjoy writing and condensing ideas and messaging into smaller manageable parts, to help users learn, create product awareness, increase adoption and support it all along the way.

  • art icon

    All the design things. Visual design with color, layout, photography, illustration, iconography. Type. Hierarchy. Contrast. Readability. All the Adobe products + Figma...oh wait...just all the Adobe products then.