A B2B, Single sign-on Saas App for Accountants, HR Groups and their clients

Visual, Product and UX Design - CloudRunner

CloudRunner, A B2B, SaaS web app making Sign-in and Provisioning Simple

Users and Needs

CloudRunner is targeted for Accountants, HR groups and their MSB clients A common problem for these folks is how to manage licenses and provisioning and long on-boarding times. CloudRunner addresses these issues with a web based, customizable desktop environment to offer one-click access for clients in all their daily apps.

My Role

As a Designer, I collaborated with our SVP of Product, Lead Software Engineers and Front End Developer and Senior UX Designer to concept and create the brand, brand voice and content, and help with flows, product and visual design. I also did all the creative for any external marketing. This was an incredible team that I was fortunate to work with.

We used Appcues for in-app how-to information, highlighting what to do when it was needed instead of overwhelming the user with tons of information all at once.

This desktop is white-lable ready, and users can customize size, arrangement, background, etc.
I found official versions of hundreds of logos and prepared them for this app.

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