TankZen is a consumer-facing product combining a mobile app and multiple physical sensors, helping people better manage their aquarium tank health and fish. The team designed flows integrating hardware and software, creating an easy-to-understand UI for the sensors to provide critical environmental data, along with UX content recommendations and reminders to adjust and take action for optimal water quality and conditions, literally saving people's pets.

TankZen combines aquarium tank sensors with a connected mobile app, to monitor tank health and save fish, increasing owner satisfaction.

Know What's Going On in Your Tank with TankZen

Helping Pet Owners Save Their Fish and Have a Better Aquarium Experience

The most common issue for pet owners is not knowing the water needs to be changed, drastically affecting survival rates. Other factors like temperature and PH also significantly contribute to occupant health in an aquarium, and TankZen addresses all three with an integrated sensor system connected to a mobile app - simple to set up and use.

My role in this project includes product design, UX content and writing, user experience and visual design.

As the  All-In-One Visual, Content and UX Designer, I collaborated with our Lead Software Engineer, Front End Developer and Hardware Designer to concept and create the brand, voice, flows and product design to create an MVP. I organized the creative and brand, considered and designed UX for the product, wrote UX content and developed a research plan for usability testing sessions to figure out how pet owners were currently making decisions about their tank care.

For Continuous Product Discovery (ala Teresa Torres) I used customized Google forms and incentive popups to learn about aquarium owners and facilitate regular customer interviews with people who are the right market segment

Continuous product discovery with customer interviews every week

A hand drawn sketch from TankZen
TankZen sketch

Call for Product Research Interviews: Aquarium Owners

Do you keep a freshwater aquarium of 20 gallons or more?

Do you own a smartphone and have a wireless connection?

We're developing a new product to help aquarists take better care of their fish, and we're looking for interview candidates to help us create a better experience using the product.

Participant Requirements:

  • you have a freshwater aquarium of 20 gallons or greater
  • must have iPhone or iOS device
  • able to use Zoom for the interviews and be available to fill out surveys on a website (3 45 min zoom calls, 3 online surveys)
  • must over the age of 18  to participate
  • must be willing to sign an NDA - non-disclosure agreement (it's a brand new product!)

Qualified candidates will share with us how they care for their aquariums, what their difficulties are,  how they solve problems and insights on what works for them.  Interviews and information gathering will be conducted over a few scheduled zoom sessions and completed online questionnaires.

In consideration for participation in three 45 minute interviews via Zoom and completion of 3 online surveys, qualified candidates will receive:

  • the beta test product to use
  • the full-production product when released, which includes a one year subscription to the service
  • a 50$ Amazon Gift Card upon completion of 3 45 min zoom interviews and 3 online surveys
  • access to early adopters community forum
  • the knowledge you've help shape a product with your valuable insights and opinions!

Please respond by sending an email to:


Please let us know how large your tank is, how long you've been at this and include a photo of you with your tank.

We will only use your email address for the purposes of this product research project.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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