Visual, Product and UX Design for Games

Visual design and copy for games and their advertising, marketing, custom branding for white-label releases for companies like Yahoo and MSNGames. I spent almost two years at Monolith and four years at GameHouse, working on over 60 games, in varying degrees; concepting, designing, animating, advertising, art directing. This was also the first UX work I did - it was not so recognized as a singular discipline yet. There were UI designers, but for smaller titles like this is was pretty much figured out by the dev and designer, and was just part of how you made the game.

Visual, Product and UX Design for Games

Visual and UX design for games.

I've worked on a lot of games! One of my very favorite types of projects.

Text Twist, a word game

It was my idea to turn the excellent word game Jumble, (originally created in 1954 by Martin Naydelby) into an interactive online casual game at GameHouse. Our team agreed, and I did all the art, naming, concept etc. This online game has had countless imitators - and who can blame them? It's fun, good for your brain, has a sense of urgency...I still love to play it and so do thousands of others every day!

Here's a few others:

Game Pieces for Gem Drop and Bounce Out

Game pieces and board design and animation for Gem Drop, which we published in web and fancier downloadable versions

Helped the creator/developer and character illustrator with UX, UI and animation and marketing design for this clever iOs game which took advantage of early model iPhone gestures

As part of a tiny team, worked on gameplay and visual design for Collapse! A game that is still played today after 25 years, and has been turned into a giant franchise.

Game pieces and animation frames for casual games